Friday, March 13, 2009

You don't realize you miss something until you can't find it

I've been craving chocolate milkshakes. Really badly. As in, I want one NOW!

Homeade always tastes better and satisfies the craving quickly. However, I have run into a little bit of a problem.

I can't find chocolate ice cream without chocolate chunks.

Weird, right?

Now, I don't normally discriminate against chocolate ice cream. But sometimes a girl doesn't want chocolate chunks in her milkshake. Chocolate chunks ruin things in this scenario. I end up chewing my milkshake. I want to drink it.

I started this mission at Migros. I noticed the chocolate chunks on the front of the ice cream container but I didn't care. I needed the milkshake that badly.

Today I continued my mission at Coop. I was delighted to find Coop brand chocolate ice cream with no chunks in it! Yay!!!! And then I got home and opened the darn thing. Chocolate chunks galore. I was foiled by a misleading picture on the container.

Two stores down, no success.

If you know where the chocolate ice cream without chocolate chunks is, please let me know. I could really use a smooth chocolate milkshake.


Hoppy said...

We'd love to help, but I'm not shipping ice cream overseas. Hang in there... .sleep deprivation is just around the corner. Love to all.

Mike said...

Since Hoppy isn't shipping you the ice cream you crave, you're left with two options:
Talk Brian into making a trip to Ikea for one of those super high speed blenders that will pulverize the little chocolate chunks into insignificant little flecks or,
Convince the little princess that if she picks the chunks of chocolate out of the ice cream and places them under her pillow, the chocolate fairy will pick up the bits and leave her a franc or something.

Anonymous said...

Try vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or hot fudge!!

Lindsay said...

Are their no Baskin Robbins there? I will go to BR and drink a shake for you!!

nicole haslup said...

I feel your pain:) Just use vanilla ice cream and add chocolate syrup, a lot of chocolate syrup! Viola! Chocolate Milkshake, chunk free!

Anonymous said...

no worries...gammie leaves tomorrow and will be bringing you a chocolate milkshake from mcdonalds when she arrives(from zurich-not the us of a).

hopefully...that will commence her awesomeness :)