Wednesday, March 11, 2009


All went well at my 35 week appointment on Friday so off we went to Arosa for Brian's company ski weekend! Just driving away from our town felt like a little adventure after I have had to cancel three trips during this pregnancy. Trips away are good for the soul.

We arrived in Chur in no time and made our way up the road to Arosa. Apparently this road is rather well known because of the many sharp turns. We had to stop halfway through because Marion was complaining that her belly hurt and I was making myself a little nauseous. I can only imagine how sick I would have felt had Brian been driving!

Luckily we made it to Arosa and our hotel without anyone puking. And without getting stuck in the snow, a double bonus considering how much they had. And then we made it to our hotel room, where we were greeted with the following view.

It didn't even matter to me that I was not allowed to go up the lifts when I was waking up to that all weekend!

Friday night we headed into town to get pizza at a local restaurant. Arosa is a cute town with what looked like great shopping. All of the stores were closed when we walked by. Or skated by, depending on your definition. It was very slippery. So slippery that someone fell while carrying another little someone back down to our hotel after dinner.

After that, I decided to just hang out at the hotel the rest of the weekend with Brian's coworkers and their families (the ones who weren't skiing).

Saturday morning, Marion went sledding with her Daddy. We purchased some goggles for her, which she loved. And then we went outside to wait for the hotel shuttle bus to take them to the lifts. Marion thought she had hit the jackpot- look at all that snow!

They came back later with different reports of their morning. Brian said it was insufferable- halfway down Marion decided she didn't want to sled anymore and he had to walk down the mountain with her. Marion said she went sledding with Daddy and wanted to go again!

Brian headed back out after lunch and enjoyed some skiing after nine years of not being on slopes. Amazingly enough, he survived the experience with just some sore muscles.

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and getting to know some of the families from Brian's work better.

It was a really good weekend and all of us enjoyed it. We all needed the time away from home and it was great to see the mountains before spring gets here!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!


ToadMama said...

Wow, it sounds refreshing. I am so glad you were able to go. And I'm glad you shared the report. The picture of Marion is adorable, of course.

A work-sponsored ski weekend, eh? Maybe Mike and I should try ex-pat living for awhile!

Anonymous said...

That view is AMAZING!
Sounds like a fun trip and a much needed vacay.

She is too precious with her goggles.

Glad you all had fun!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a good time and I love her little ski bunny outfit...serious cuteness going on.

Hoppy said...

LOVE THE GOGGLES!!!!! Glad to hear that no one got hurt, either walking around town or skiing. LOVE THE VIEW ALSO!!! Wow, what a nice way to wake up.

Love to all.