Monday, March 23, 2009

Just one little piece missing now

I was discharged from the hospital today. Typical recovery time in the hospital here for a c-section is a full week. However, since I feel pretty good and my time in the hospital was being spent sitting on my butt surfing the net instead of bonding with my new baby, I decided to ask my doctor to release me. And he agreed.

So I am home now and Betti is not.

But there is hope that she will be with us soon. Since going to the other hospital for observation very early Friday morning, Betti has been all over the place. Saturday night was a bad night, with her needing to be put back on continuous oxygen. Last night was an excellent night. They removed her oxygen and feeding tube. She has continued to improve and stabilize today, breathing on her own. Betti has a little bit of jaundice but nothing too bad. If she continues on this course, she should be coming home with us tomorrow!

In the meantime, Marion's been hanging out with Grammie and Brian's been super dad and husband. Sure it's been a little crazy, but what isn't these days? At this point, I'm hoping for a little more craziness in the form of a six pounder on her way home tomorrow.


Hoppy said...

So glad to see that you're home!! I'm sure it will help with the boredom. And I'm really happy to hear that Betti will be able to join the family soon. We're all praying that she continues to get better.

Love to all.

Lisa said...

I am glad you're doing so well. Fingers crossed she's home very soon! Hugs to all of you!

Chantal said...

Congrats and I hope that Betti's home soon!

stacy s. said...

CONGRATS!! I haven't checked your blog in a while, since I also have a wee one, born on 12 March. :-) Hope your babe is home with you soon!!