Thursday, March 19, 2009

We start 'em young here

When you grow up in a household where you are told to go weed because "that is why we had kids", you are bound to introduce chores to your own children pretty early.

The only difference between Marion and I? Marion does things with style.


Hoppy said...

Good luck!! As you know from the weeding, it doesn't take long for the bloom to come off the rose. But you're right.... she looks great! Almost a 50's moment! Love to all.

caitlin said...

I love the McDonald's balloon in the background ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, that is awesome! a dress, heels, AND a looks great!

(ps-did you rotate the table?)


Lisa said...

Ooh, and she has such nice taste in shoes!

De Campo said...

I remember those bright summer days staring across the field and seeing the labor camp hard at work.

The likely hood of the sweatshop gene skipping a generation is looking mighty dim.