Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, we spoke with our management company about our concerns. After some back and forth, we now have our final bill and it is a QUARTER of the first one! What a difference, thank goodness!

On the pregnancy front, I am closing in on 35 weeks this Saturday. I'm experiencing all of the typical third trimester fun stuff- braxton hicks, not being able to get comfortable, etc. Oh, and I still puke every morning. Fun, fun!

My next appointment is tomorrow morning. We are hoping for the all clear so that we can go on a little trip this weekend. Please knock on some wood or do whatever you do- I need a little get away! I feel like I've been on pregnancy lock down for 8 months!

I'll close with a little pic of me at 34 weeks (from last Saturday). I actually put some make-up on and got dressed up for a shower for two of my friends. We all left the husbands and kids at home and had a wonderful time!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh!!! so cute!!!!!

glad you got that bill down-way to go!

only a few more weeks!!!

Erin said...


I can't wait!! You're glowing!!! :-)

Love you!!

grammie said...

You look beautiful, Megs.
Love that top :)

I'll pray that Dr Swiss gives you the OK to travel for the weekend. Fresh air in the Swiss mountains sounds wonderful.

Love to all,

Lisa said...

You look FANTASTIC! And wow - sooooo close to baby time! I hope you get to go away for the weekend and oh my gosh I can't believe you have so little time left! I totally envy you...

Hoppy said...

Hey, you look great!!! But I couldn't help but notice you had the bathroom in the background. Kind of fitting..... Hope you get the all clear for the weekend and am able to relax and have some fun! Love to all.

Katie said...

you look great meghan!

L. Kidd said...

You look awesome, Meg! I hope you are able to get away and have a great weekend. Can't wait to meet the little one. Let us know when you have plans to come home:) Take care!

Anonymous said...

Meg- You look amazing! I can't believe you only have a few weeks left until Baby 2.0 arrives! You must be so excited. Keep us posted on your dr's visit.- Michelle

mrsmac said...

Colleen- thanks! yea, the bill going down was a huge relief!

Erin- thanks!

Mom- it was very very cold up there but we were glad to be able to go!

Lisa- thanks!!! the countdown continues, I can not wait to get this baby out!

Hoppy- yes, but that isn't the one I use for my, uh, morning routine.

Katie- thank you!

Lisa- thanks! we have plans, i'll email you!

Michelle- thank you!!! we'll be home for a visit soon!