Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pregnant and uncomfortable

I am officially more pregnant with this baby than I ever was with Marion. I passed that milestone on Sunday at 11 am.

Now I understand being uncomfortable at the end of a pregnancy. I roll everywhere. I have a hard time getting out of chairs that are too low. I get terrible heartburn at night which sometimes leads to visting the porcelain goddess. We resolved this issue by using the adjustable Ikea bed slats. I now sleep at an angle and put up with my husband laughing at my geriatric-ness every night.

Blah blah blah, typical stuff, I know. But now I feel part of the pregnancy club, the one I missed the first time around when I gave birth five weeks early.

Yay for being part of the club! Now let's get this baby out already.


ToadMama said...

Welcome to the club! I was a member LONG ago. But I still remember it as not being much fun. Soon you'll have a little bundle of joy that will make it all worth it. Hang in there!

Heather said...

It's awesome that you made it this far. I know how hard the last few weeks of pregnancy are. I hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long!!

Hoppy said...

Listen....Hear that? That's right.... it's the sweet sound of frustration. Frustration with being sick. Frustration with being semi-immobile. Oh, and did we mention being sick?

Sorry..... couldn't help myself.

Hope the last couple of weeks go well for you... remember that help is on the way!!!

Love to all.

Lisa said...

Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. I think about how heavy it feels on my front now and I can't begin to imagine how it's going to be. Hang in there!

Laura Carino said...

Tell me about it! The end will be here soon enough... Just think you are almost full term and will have a beautiful, healthy baby to make you forget all about what you went through to bring him or her into this world! We're thinking about you!