Sunday, March 22, 2009

My turn


grammie said...

Meghan you look soooo happy holding your beautiful new daughter.
And she looks like she has grown since I saw her Friday.

I am so happy you were able to
get to visit her and hold her.
What a special joyful time.

Love always,

Hoppy said...

Megs, glad to see you were able to spend some real time with Betti. Hope she comes home soon. And you look great!! Love to all.

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

So happy for all- looking forward to meeting you, Betti!

vudean said...

you guys look great! congrats!

Miss Lisa said...

She looks like you, Meghan! She looks great and Hoppy is right, Meghan, you look great too!I'll bet Brian cannot wait to have all his beautiful women under one roof! Hey Brian, looks like you've extended your Fathers' Follies appearances by 3 years or so!!! I'm so happy for you all - there's really nothing more wonderful than a house full of daughters (except maybe a heart full of daughters!) Love you all - Miss Lisa