Thursday, February 21, 2008

We have a secret

We signed a contract on our house! We got the contract this past Monday, signed it Tuesday evening, and the home inspection is next Friday. I believe the appraisal will be sometime the following week.

We aren't telling our neighbors just yet. Mostly because we don't want to jinx it. So instead, I post the news on the internet. Hmmmmm.

We hope this is it and that this doesn't fall through. It would be blissful to have this off of our plates and only have to worry about packing between now and the end of May. Well, packing and all of the other stuff that comes with moving to a foreign country 4,000 miles away. Swiss-german lessons anyone?


Lindsay said...

I took five years of German in high school. I can help you order beers and find the bathroom amongst other helpful phrases.

mrsmac said...

that would be awesome! ordering beer is going to be very very important!

is swiss german all that different from high german? i've been looking for good, inexpensive ways to learn the language and swiss german resources are hard to find.