Friday, February 29, 2008

It all has to go, one way or the other

Marion and I were out of the house by 8:50am today since the home inspection was scheduled for 9. Since Marion and I had to kill some time, we stopped at Starbucks then headed over to the Kenilworth Mall with a bag of pennies. I thought she would enjoy throwing the pennies into the fountain. Boy, did I underestimate the potential entertainment. Marion loved it. We could have easily killed several hours there, but we headed over to our Mommy and Me group at the local rec center instead. Afterwards, we met my mom for lunch.

That's when I got my first call from my realtor. It was 11:45 and she was asking me where the key to our shed was. I explained it to her, hung up, and thought, "Wait, they want to look in the shed?". For some reason, this never even crossed my mind. I guess they wanted to check the construction? Maybe the inspector knows my husband...

Second call came 20 minutes later. The key was not where I had described. I called Brian only to determine he either had the key with him or a neighbor had it. I called the realtor back and broke the news. She then filled me in that they were still going through the house and that it would be another hour or so.

To recap- they spent approximately 4 hours to inspect our townhouse. Three bedrooms, 1.5 baths townhouse. What the heck? Apparently this guy just does his inspections slow. And when I say slow, I mean evolution slow. My inspection for this house took no longer than 45 minutes and it was a dump. Maybe this guy charges by the hour?

Anyway, this was the last day for the buyer to do the inspection. Therefore, it was the last day for him to request anything. We haven't heard anything from our realtor yet, but who knows. There could be a fax waiting for her at her office. She said nothing huge came up. Some loose bricks at the top of our chimney (I'd love to hear how he determined that, seeing how he never went on the roof) and some wires that need to be tucked into a junction box for our bathroom exhaust fan.

During the epic home inspection, our buyer browsed our belongings and made a list of items he was interested in purchasing. We've been hoping he would be interested since we have alot of stuff we don't want to move to either my Mom and Dad's basement or Zurich. He left the list on our kitchen counter for us to go over and price.

I think I jumped when I saw the list after getting home. He wants to buy everything we wanted to sell him and then some. There was only one item on the list Brian and I took exception too. Jackpot! Now we just have to agree on a price. If we can do that, it would cut our move in half. That would be nice, we might actually get to enjoy Memorial Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

you guys have a chimney?
never knew that.

so what does he want to buy? thats awesome!!!