Friday, February 15, 2008

Our house is on the market. Are you our buyer?

Our open house is tomorrow and our realtor came today to take pictures and measurements. While realtor was hanging her signs on the new picket adorning our front lawn, a women drove by very slowly on her cellphone, parked her car, and walked over to us. She stopped about a car length away and tried to read our realtor's name off of the sign she was hanging. She got the first name, I told her the last name. Turns out the woman was on the cellphone with her realtor who knows our realtor. My realtor talked on the woman's cellphone with the realtor and arranged an impromptu showing. The woman came on in and our realtor showed her around while Marion and I hung out in the basement. The woman's realtor then showed up and my realtor showed them both around. They gave me a ton of compliments on our home (I told you it was an awesome house!) and they left.

Oh my god!!! It was just completely random and I hope a sign of good things to come. Our house wasn't officially listed yet and St Joseph was still inside the house on a shelf! Who knows if that woman will make an offer on the house, but it was a confidence booster to say the least. I'll take anything in this market!

The showing did have its downside. We had only prepared for our realtor to take pictures so there was a pretty good sized pile of laundry in the back basement. Yuck. But that's what you get when you ask to enter someone's home without notice. Hopefully they understand that and can look past it.

On another note, after the woman walked over to us and I agreed to let her into my house, she asked us where we were moving. My answer? "We are moving to Switzerland!" I still haven't gotten over how incredibly random it is to blurt that out.

Oh we also got our background checks back. All is good! Switzerland, here we come!

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