Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That's my girl

Marion and I go to a playgroup on Friday mornings when we are free. It's basically an indoor playground- there are lots of toys inside a gymnasium. She gets to run around, play with other kids, and seems to enjoy it alot.

This past Friday we went before our meeting with the realtor. Marion was running around playing while I was talking with a friend of mine.

Suddenly, I heard her screaming hysterically. I looked around and saw her laying on the floor with one hand clutching a grocery cart toy. An older boy was standing over her yanking on the cart with both of his hands, trying to get it away from her. He was yanking so hard he was dragging Marion along the gym floor. Three hard tugs later, he had the cart out of her hand. She was unharmed (thought he might dislocate her shoulder for a second!) but very upset. Thankfully, she was easily distracted by the tool bench nearby.

Brian and I are so proud. She used her body, dug in, and gave it a valiant effort. Next time I think she'll take him. :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahaha, LOVE it.

and so glad we got the skype working, maybe dad and mom will follow suit.

anywho, thats my niece!!!!! give em hell baby!!!!!!