Monday, February 25, 2008

Our schedule, my kind of countdown

I was paging through my planner today looking at our schedule for the next 3 months. Yep, I'm old school. I still use a paper planner.

Anyway, I realized I have something written down for every weekend between now and our estimated departure.

How did that happen? I mean, I know how it happened. I'm an insane planner who likes to have everything organized and planned to a T. And I enjoy everything we have planned- visits and dinners with friends and family, swim lessons for Marion, a trip to Vegas, concerts and parties.

But I feel like I blinked and now the end of this long, long wait is in sight. In sight because I can look ahead, see something planned until the date of our expected plane trip, and know that after each event we are one step closer to moving. And then, nothing. Nothing because I don't have anything planned. I don't know where we will be or what we will be doing. And that is kind of refreshing.

So, the moral of the story is: if you want to get together before we leave, let me know!!!!

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pencil me in will ya?