Monday, January 25, 2010


On Saturday we went snowshoeing in Sattel to celebrate our friend's birthday. Coincidentally, his birthday is on the same day as mine. Small world, even in Switzerland!

We started things off with a bang in the minibus- cans of prosecco, mini bottles of kirsch, and wine.

Once we arrived at the ski shop, Brian took a moment to work.

An accountant's work is never done.

Next we all were given our snowshoes and instructions on how to put them on.
We were told the snowshoes were a one size fits all thing. Then they saw Brian's feet.

With shoes and ski poles in hand we rode the gondola up the mountain.

Once at the top we got our shoes on and prepared for our hike.

And then we were off!

Here's Mt Rigi at the beginning of our trek.

We continued into the night.

We were very lucky with the weather though- it was a crystal clear night and we could see our path thanks to the moonlight. Halfway through our hike we stopped to admire the view.

I promise it was gorgeous. Picture mountains lit by moonlight and lights twinkling in the distance.

We hiked some more and then came to our decision point, according to our guide. In my mind the only decision I was going to have to make Saturday night was what to drink with my fondue but our guide surprised us.

Continue down the groomed hiking path or go off piste down the hill?

We chose to go off piste.

Halfway down we realized the hill was bigger than we all thought it was.

But we all made it, save for a few falls, and hiked back to the restaurant where Brian removed my snowshoes for me. I was beat.

Then it was time for some gluhwein and fondue!

It was a great night for a good friend. Happy Birthday Marjan!


De Campo said...

Brian does a great impression of Barney from the Simpson's!!!!

Hoppy said...

Looks like a great time! But may I say that your picture of the mountains by moonlight gave me a pretty good impression of what night looks like for me? Love to all.

Shannon said...

doin it righht!! god i miss switzerland.

mrsmac said...

DeCampo- Ha! I'm sure he'll love to hear that.

Hoppy- It's one of those things that you had to be there for :)

Shannon- It was definitely one of those 'Swiss moments' for us!