Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An odd morning sight

We had to make a morning run by the Aldi the other day. Betti needed some diapers, stat.

While we waited in the parking light, I saw the following.

Chickens in a compost pile on a smidge of land in between the grocery store parking lot and the train station.


We aren't in Baltimore anymore.


ToadMama said...

Odd. We just watched Dirty Jobs (TV show) last night and one of the jobs was as a wild chicken catcher in Miami. Apparently that's a big problem there. In Baltimore, those birds would have been rodents.

mrsmac said...

Wild Chickens ToadMama!?!? Weird!

Hoppy said...

It might not seem as odd as you think when you come back home. Baltimore County is passing an ordinance that would allow up to six chickens on a residential property!! Apparently, it's so people can get fresh eggs.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Weird. Why are there 3 chickens in that thing...and 1 beside it?!

Lemon Gloria said...

Smart chickens!