Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our trip back to Zurich

We decided to fly back over New Year's Eve, hoping that the flight wouldn't be full and the airports wouldn't be crowded.

Apparently every family needing to fly had the exact same idea. There were twelve infants on our flight. TWELVE! And that's only the lap kids, aged two and under. There were a ton of kids older than that as well.

Economy was fully booked. So, when we arrived, we got super lucky. We were there three hours before our flight and got upgraded to World Traveler Plus. It pays to be early! It made up a little bit for Brian's hellish trip to Baltimore during the snow storm.

After checking our seven bags, carseat, and stroller (and that was packing light), we had dinner with my family outside of security. Soon it was time for goodbyes and we made our way to security.

Security wasn't as bad as we were expecting. Seems they are more concerned with flights going to the US rather than leaving it- security was really bad for flights going to the US at Heathrow.

Anyway, we got through security and waited to board. Soon we were airborne and about 45 minutes later, the first kid crashed.

Due to the excessive amount of kids on the plane, cots and baby seats wer ein short supply. So we set up Betti in the empty seat next to me and, surprisingly, she crashed soon after Marion.

Brian celebrated our triumph with a few small bottles of wine.

Then Betti woke up after two hours. But honestly, I was thrilled with the two hours. What more can you expect from a nine month old who is all "Oh what's that?" or "I see a light, pretty!" or "Who is walking by? Who is coughing? Who's baby is crying???"

Brian and I spent the rest of the flight trying to get her back to sleep and fighting the interruptions- turbulence and seat belts, the guy who kept wanting to serve drinks to passengers using an extremely bright flashlight, the kid who would not sleep but rather wanted to scream... it was definitely a battle with her. But Brian soon triumphed and we got a little bit of sleep.

We arrived in Heathrow and the place was empty. It paid to fly on a holiday there. Terminal 5 was as close to peaceful as I think it ever gets.

Soon we were in Zurich. Gray, rainy, cold Zurich. Some things never change.

Right now we are working on recovering from jet lag. We are hoping the girls get back on track tonight, Brian and I need our sleep!

Hope you all enjoyed your New Years!!!!


Hoppy said...

Love the pictures of your travel back. You were very lucky to have a quiet Heathrow. Typically, it's a madhouse. Wonderful time with everyone here. We had a blast and are also recovering from kid lag... that sudden adjustement that comes with an empty house. Talking with you guys via Skype the last two days has helped.

So good to see that everyone is getting back into a schedule in Zurich. You guys are one great family!

Love to all.

grammie said...

Can't say anymore than Hoppy already did. We love you all
and miss you terribly. WAY to quiet at home. Miss the pitter patter of litte feet running around all the hardwood flooring, and all the giggling ~ from both little angels !!!

Look forward to our next adventure
in May


mrschlosser said...

Dare I say, "Welcome home!"?

Had a similar flight after Thanksgiving. My favorite was the kid behind us who wouldn't sleep and was playing on top of our seats, or was it the mom next to me who played videos for her baby on her iPhone with full volume for all to hear (no headphones).

Glad you're back and hope to see you soon!