Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rigi on a clear day

A friend of mine has been visiting so we've been seeing some Swiss sites this past week. We dragged the kids to Rigi Kulm yesterday and my luck with this mountain changed. It was clear! And gorgeous, of course.

My friend is looking through this nifty viewfinder.

You can spin the ball to put the pointer on a bunch of different location names and then, voila! That's what you see when you look into the eyepiece. The Swiss really do think of everything.

Basically, our day was nothing like last time. Gorgeous!


Hoppy said...

I really like the Swiss way of understatement, especially with the hiking sign showing where young and old should hike. I only remember Rigi with snow on it. Love to all.

ToadMama said...

That's got to be the coolest directional sign ever.

Anonymous said...

where was that directional sign located and how did we miss it?!!? pretty cool.
love rigi :)

Susan said...

I LOVE Rigi!