Friday, October 16, 2009

And the lightbulb goes off

I am not good with foreign languages. I never have been.

Last night I was running the days of the week in German through my head, proud of myself that I now know all of them.

Then I realized that Wednesday, Mittwoch, is actually two words combined. Mittlere, which means middle, and woche, which means week.

Which makes sense because Wednesday is in the middle of the week.

And it only took me 16.5 months of living here to put that together.

Like I said, I'm not good with foreign languages.


Chantal said...

Wow, sadly enough, I never thought of that. I won't say how many months l've been using German...

But I do like the word Handschuhe. That is just too cute. A shoe for the hands, in other words, a mitten.

grammie said...

Don't worry. It took me until I was 20 to realize that The BelLoc
Dinner was named b/c it sits
on the Beltway & Loch Raven Blvd.


Oh well...something to laugh at :)

L & H

eNVy said...

I'm assuming you've now also noticed that Sonntag is the same as Sunday and Donnerstag (Thunder) is the same as Thursday (Thor, Norse god of thunder's) day.

shan said...

If you think German is hard, you should try Czech! Every time someone says something, I'm like could you spell that for me, please?

mrschlosser said...

My favorites:
Kindergarten = garden full of children
Fingerhut = finger hat, aka thimble

mrsmac said...

Chantal- I like that one!

Grammie- Yep, never put that together either.

eNVy- Nope! Probably because I didn't know the words. Thanks for the lesson! Never knew the meaning behind Thursday, cool!

Shan- I can only imagine. How is Greek?

MrsSchlosser- I like those too!