Monday, October 19, 2009

7 months.

Betti is seven months old today and celebrated by completing her fifth airplane trip.

In total, she has been to six countries and on twelve flights. That doesn't seem like a lot to me some days. There are so many places to go here and I feel like we haven't even gotten past the tip of the iceberg. Then I remind myself that we are traveling more than some people do in a lifetime. We are so thankful to have this opportunity and to expose our children to different cultures; we've definitely been bitten by the traveling bug!

And we are making a game out of this, sort of. Think we can hit twelve countries by the time Betti is twelve months old? We're gonna try!

Now, the birthday girl.

Betti went through the security check point in Vienna today asleep. And, for the first time, the man behind the scanner line told us we needed to remove her from her baby carrier, take the carrier off, and put it through the scanner.

I wish we had a picture of Brian's and my face at that point. We looked at this man like he was insane. Take this sleeping baby out of the carrier!? What are you smoking!?

A woman on the other side of the metal detector noticed our discussion and told him it wasn't necessary. Which we knew from the other trips we've taken with Betti. So sleeping Betti stayed sleeping, thank God!

In other news, Betti is trying to eat everything in sight. I think after a few short weeks on pureed foods we will be going straight to soft solids. Yay! (insert sarcasm here- this is where the mess begins)

Betti's also trying her hardest to get on her feet. Girlfriend's not even crawling on all fours and she wants to walk! I also think she might be working on her first tooth (been saying that for three months now). But I thought I saw a fleck of white where her lower right incisor would be (right as you look at the picture above). Do you see it?

Add in grabbing for everything in reach and army crawling as fast as she can and you have one tired Mrs Mac. I'm considering a play pen to avoid baby proofing my flat.

*Breaking news: Betti just sat herself up from laying down on her belly. Noooooooooooooo!


ToadMama said...

She looks like an adorable little Snow Bunny! Thank goodness they didn't make you wake her.

Anonymous said...

She is growing up so fast! I can't wait to get my hands on her!!

I cannot believe the guy at the airport-clearly he does not have a baby at home.

Sounds like she'll be mobile any day now, is Marion excited for someone to twirl with her?

Miss you guys :)

grammie said...

7 months

She is definately "traveling Mac"

She has your eyes

Can't wait to have all of you here,
it's been too long since we have
seen all of you.

Enjoy your travels, and be safe.

L & H

Caitlin said...

She is soooooo pretty.

Chantal said...

You are brave to travel so much with your kids. Gives me hope that you don't have to give it all up just because you have a baby!

Lisa said...

Boy, is she cute! And that guy in Vienna must've been smoking crack. Wake up a sleeping baby before you're getting on a plane?!?!

Hoppy said...

Happy 7 months, Betti!! Miss everyone.... can't wait to give you all hugs. Love to all.

Erin said...

HAPPY 7 MONTHS!! Can't wait to see everyone!! Miss n love you guys a ton!!