Monday, October 5, 2009

Bern BärenPark

Mark your calendars everyone: the new Bern BärenPark opens October 25.

Two new baby bears are currently in quarantine in the old Bärengraben, or bear pit. And they are super cute! They were playing together when I was there this past weekend.

Note the security fence around the Bärengraben to keep people away from these new bears. High tech quarantine devices ;)

Marion's already bursting to see these new bears so we will definitely be making a visit to Bern sometime in November. Make sure you go to see these adorable little bears!

1 comment:

grammie said...

That bear area turned out great.
Do you think they could climb that fence and swim away? That river
is still so clean and fast moving.

I"m sure the girls will love going
to see the baby bears. Should
be a fun trip.

Love you