Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I did it again. Went and stopped blogging for awhile. Sorry!

I guess I should start at the pregnancy appointment. Had my 20 weeks check up last Friday and everything looks good. I am technically off of bedrest but still am having some pain everytime I attempt normalcy and I continue to feel faint often so I'm taking it easy. Mom's sticking around until January to help me until I feel better and become less worthless. Despite things progressing well we had to cancel our Vienna trip and our trip home for Christmas because I can't seem to get this pregnancy thing right. It sucks to be missing out on more of our planned trips but that is what is best for right now.

Side note: a word of advice- buy trip insurance. Because those airlines don't refund everything, even with a doctor's note.

Some good news is that we are halfway to my due date. I'm so ready to have this baby and not be pregnant anymore.

In other news, I continue to have problems with my laptop. I've only had this thing since February 1 of this year. Not really a ringing endorsement for Dell laptops, eh? I've contacted Dell and they are going to pick up my laptop and take it to their repair facility where, hopefully, all the problems will be solved. I'm not going to hold my breath though. So if I'm absent for a little bit, that is why. Go ahead and send Dell some nasty-grams for me, k? ;-)

Finally, we still have not rented our old apartment. We have shown the place to five people, with the sixth coming tonight. We've handed out four applications. Nothing. It's really frustrating to have to pay two rents but our third bedroom is coming in really handy right now with Mom here. In the grand scheme of things, we are trying not to get upset about it. There really isn't much we can do. And our focus is on the baby. But, still, it is frustrating.

Oh, one more thing. It snowed here again this weekend. Several inches on Saturday with another healthy dose on Sunday. It was gorgeous and Marion loved getting out there and playing in it with her Aunt Colleen, who visited for the weekend. They built a snowman and then Colleen showed her how to throw snowballs. Grammie was the main target. There are a few positive aspects to feeling like crap and laying on the sofa!


ToadMama said...

I'm so glad to hear all is well. As well as it can be anyway. I know missing your trips sucks, but at least you have Mom there. And it's cool that Colleen can visit often, too. Keep hanging in there. The bambino will be here before you know it.

Jessica said...

Did you post the apartment on the Yahoo Zurich Expat Group List? Perhaps that would help move it?

Lisa said...

Hey! I am so glad your mom can stay. This sounds like good progress! Sorry you can't travel, but still, sounding better and better.

Susan May said...

Sorry about your Dell. How frustrating. I agree with Jessica, try the Yahoo Expats in Zurich Group list - it just might work. I'm so glad to know that your mom will be staying thru the holidays. Hang in there!

Holly Dengler said...

Im so upset you won't make it home for christmas, but it is definitly for the best. It is great that your mom can be there - Im sure that is a ton of help!

Reama said...

Hi Meghan,

I'll say a prayer that things get better for you. I'm really sorry you don't get to go home. I remember how hard it was to be in the Turkish Republic over Christmas when I lived there all those years ago, and yes, was pregnant! Although I didn't know it at that point.

Aren't moms the best?

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

mrsmac said...

Thanks everyone. Yep, posted about our apartment on three yahoo groups, homegate.ch, and the expat xchange. I can't believe it hasn't rented yet!