Monday, November 10, 2008

Good news!

Brian and I went to see my doctor today and check up on my placenta.

Good news! The placenta has started to reattach itself. According to my Google searches, this was not possible. That'll teach me to Google this kind of stuff!

Anyway, it isn't completely attached yet so I'll be on bedrest until Monday morning. Then the doctor gave me the okay to resume a regular routine. My next regular pregnancy check-up is the following Friday so we'll be able to see then how things are going. In the meantime, my mom is headed over here from the US to give us a helping hand.

Phew, what a roller coaster ride this pregnancy has been so far! I'm knocking on all the wood and particle board we bought from Ikea that this is the last of our pregnancy complications!


Sarah said...

What good news! I'm so happy for you and your placenta ;) I'm hopeful we'll be able to see you after all this Christmas. TAKE IT EASY!! I'm glad to hear your Mom is coming out, you must be relieved to have help on its way.

K,S, C and D the Dog said...

Hi there,

Just wondering if you were fortunate enough to have your new stoller sent over or were you still waiting to pick it up back to the US in December. :)

I was on the hunt for 1 of these myself and then read some information about how the "Dash" had been recalled. Just wondering if you had heard anything about that and whether you had returned yours?

Thanks, any info would be helpful as we're expecting #2 as well and can't wait to get a Phil & Teds!
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and keeping that placenta in check!

Mind if I ask where you bought yours?


Susan May said...

This is wonderful news. You've been in my prayers. And how great for you to have your Mom there! Take care ...

mrsmac said...

sarah- thanks! i'm trying my best

ksc&d- no, i haven't gotten it yet! still sitting in the box at my parents house. and i hadn't heard about the recall, thanks! although it sounds like i have to have the stroller to see if it is affected. hopefully i'll be home in dec to check that out. i bought it from

susan- thanks! hope you are doing well too!

Erin said...

Mom just left the house w/Dad! She is on her way!!! Love you Megs!! I'm super happy on the good news!!

Miss you all!!! I can't wait to see you guys whether its here or there!! :)

Lisa said...

That is good news! And I'm glad your mom is coming out to help you!