Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween in Switzerland

Better late than never, right?

Halloween is non-existent in Switzerland. No trick or treating, no halloween aisles at the grocery store, no halloween candy. My mom sent me some candy corn so that I could get through this trying time.

However, we are friends with a good amount of ex-pats here who would not let October 31st go by without being properly celebrated. God bless them.

On Friday night, we went to Jo and Christian's house for a party. Marion was dressed up in her princess finest AND not wearing any diapers. Excitement all around!

First things first, Marion didn't have a single accident during the party. She made it to the potty everytime. She is getting better, Mommy is getting braver, and soon, you will not have to read anymore potty training updates! *hopefully*

Okay, here's Marion loving her Princess costume.
And a rare picture of Marion and I. I'm usually the one behind the camera.
Jo arranged trick or treating with her neighbors ahead of time so the kids got to go to a couple of houses. Here are all the munchkins, lined up and ready to go.

And here they are attacking the unsuspecting foreigners at home. They were good sports.
After two houses, Marion had had enough. She wanted to go inside and eat her candy.
I think Brian was a little annoyed that I chose this moment to snap a picture.

Anyway, we had a great halloween! The candy is almost gone (great bribing tool) and the princess dress is still out. I have a feeling that will be out for awhile.

Hope you all had a great time!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE that she wore her strawberry boots with the princess dress :)


Hoppy said...

Yeah, Megs... I think you're right. Brian WAS a little annoyed. And he looks really tired!