Friday, November 7, 2008

The New Apartment

Our new apartment is great. We moved in last Thursday and are loving the extra space. I'd take pictures and show you but it is an absolute mess right now. We are going to Ikea on Saturday to pick up some essentials to help us organize. Then it might be good enough to post on the internet.

Anyhow, we've already had some problems with the new place. The previous tenants lived here for four years before we took over so some things were broken. Like our dishwasher. Then our sink clogged up. It took a couple of days to get our management company out here but the sink is finally working. Dishwasher guy is coming next week.

Most of these guys who come to fix things unfortunately do not speak English. It makes for some frustrating phone calls. They call, I ask if they speak English, they sigh, say no, and continue to speak German to me. I ask them to wait a second, run out of my apartment to the floor upstairs, knock on a neighbor's door, and ask her to translate.

This really can only go on for so long. She's due with her second child in a few weeks and I can't keep bothering her. I'm hoping everything is resolved with our apartment before her baby is born. :-)

We also have yet to find a tenant for our old apartment. We had two promising potentials but haven't heard from either of them. Keep your fingers crossed please, we are responsible for the rent until January 31 if we don't find someone.

Oh, and one more thing. I think the previous tenants cooked a lot of curries while they were here. Our kitchen has a spicy smell that I haven't gotten used to yet. Kitchens in general are difficult for me while I'm pregnant and sensitive to all sorts of smells. Any ideas on getting rid of it?


Stacy said...

Have you advertised your old place on the Expats-In-Zurich Yahoo group? Or on Homegate? Those are two good places to start! You probably shouldn't be doing too much cleaning of your kitchen, but perhaps if you wiped down the walls and ceiling with some diluted vinegar (in stores it is called Putzessig) then it might get rid of any lingering smells. Plus a good airing out, if there are windows you can leave open during the day.

Anonymous said...

lemons, limes, grapefruits....anything citrusy!!!

cut it up, squeeze it into a cup or a pan, let it sit out...

spread it all over a cutting board and let it sit out...

anything citrusy wil get the stink out!

mrsmac said...

stacy- yep, advertised on all those places. only 3 legit calls from all of them!

colleen- thanks!