Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Thanks to Jessica over at Swiss Story Blog we had a heads up about the Knabenschiessen this past weekend.

Knabenschiessen, a word I still can not pronounce despite the amount of people who have tried to help me, is a shooting competition for 13-17 year olds in Zurich. It is commonly referred to as "kids shooting".

Yep. A celebration of teenagers shooting guns.

Moving on...

A chilbi surrounds the area where the competition takes place. And you all know how much we love a chilbi.

So we packed up the kids and went into town for some rides and food with some friends.

Rides, rides, everywhere there were rides.

Siena was fascinated by Goofy behind her.

Checking out a 3D Batman show, which apparently was more psychadelic than expected.

The men discussing at what point in the morning it would be acceptable to purchase beer.

First roller coaster ride.

Betti, chilling.

Everyone testing their strength.


The beer was purchased rather quickly, followed by a relaxing ferris wheel ride.

The men got sucked in to a fair game. Brian missed all of the cans on his first try. The guy running the game was amused by his efforts.

Betti then surprised us with her grossest blow out diaper to date.

The girls had their own way of riding the swings.

Everyone at the "silly house".

Marion loved the blast of air from the floor, once she was used to it.

I've always wondered what Nemo would taste like...

One last ride.

Great day! Sorry, no pictures of the kids with guns. Maybe next year.


Jessica said...

You know - despite the heads up, I didn't even make it myself!!! ha! Glad you went and had a great time with the kids. Loved the photos. Thanks for posting about the Alpabzug this weekend. I am seriously considering going to the one in Urnäsch... perhaps I will see you there! :)

mrsmac said...

Jessica- I think we will go to that one as well! If you don't make it, it looks like there are a ton each weekend until Oct 10.

Chantal said...

We checked out Knabenschiessen thanks to Jessica's reminder too. It was really interesting seeing how many kids were all shooting at once...We are also trying to go to the Alpabzug in Urnaesch. Anyone know what time it starts?

mrsmac said...

10 am Chantal! Maybe we will see you two there! We will be the ones with the crazy toddler and crying baby, most likely.

Chantal said...

Awesome. Thanks for letting me know the time. I'll look out for you!

grammie said...

What a fun day you all had.
Love the pics. All of them.
Forgot how much fun those
"carnivals" are...! And...more of them to come. Enjoy :)

Love & Hugs to all,

Hoppy said...

I love seeing pictures of my family having fun!!! It's good to see that Brian and Christian kept their beers off the ride.

By the way, the picture of Brian holding Betti and looking at the camera...... I envision that one showing up at a rehearsal dinner presentation sometime in the future!

Love to all.