Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We finally made it. After a year of emailing the ballet teacher to find out more about this class, I got Marion there. The process was pretty easy which just reminds me how completely miserable I felt while pregnant. Yuck.

Anyway, ballet. Marion loves it. The class we attended wasn't your typical, classical ballet class. It was more of a mommy and me music and dance class.

Eh, Marion doesn't care. It had music, dancing, and other little kids. And we called it ballet.

Plus, Betti enjoyed watching the madness.

I promised her that if she liked it we would go buy ballet clothes after the class. Oh she liked it alright so spend money I did. You'll just have to wait until next week to see her in them. :)

*I am finally taking my camera off the automatic settings and trying to figure out how to take great pictures manually. I jsut could not figure out the lighting and setting in this room so I'd appreciate feedback from my expert photography readers!


ToadMama said...

Betti is getting cuter and cuter every day! And I love the silhouette of Marion jumping! I don't know enough to give you lighting tips.

Hoppy said...

The girls look wonderful. Nice to see them having such a good time!

As for the pictures, I suggest automatic. On manual, in low light, you need to open the aperture to get more light in. The wider the aperture, the more narrow the field of focus, but you can take pictures with a quicker shutter speed.. The lower the light and more narrow the aperture, the longer the shutter speed, so pictures will be more blurry if there's a lot of movement. Hope this helps.

Love to all.

The Compound said...

Oh how I wish little Marion could be in one of my classes! You'll have to tell me any of the good tricks the teacher has up her sleeve....

vudean said...

your pictures always look good meghan!
Well said "Hoppy" :)

When trying to deal with different lighting like bright background with darker subjects, try measuring the light down on the floor (sometimes cameras have a little * button that locks in the light meter reading). Or measure it and then put it on manual and keep it on that. It will make the outside window look incredibly bright, but your subjects will be brighter and you'll see more detail in them.
Unless you want the opposite effect measure the window and then outside the window will look good and your subjects will be more of a silhouette.

mrsmac said...

Toadmama- Thanks!

Hoppy- C'mon, I'm trying to learn the settings on my camera! No more automatic!

Issa- I'll send you an email this week.

Dean- Thanks for the tips!

stacy said...

I recognize that ballet teacher -- she also does a class at the WAC in Uster!