Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ballet, now with all the accessories

I had to tear her out of these clothes after the class. I swear, she would go anywhere and do anything as long as she was wearing a skirt, a dress, or anything with sparkles/feathers/bows/etc.


ToadMama said...

Your kid pics always make me smile. Marion is such a girly-girl. It'll be interesting to see, as Betti grows, if she turns out to be a princess, too. My guess is, she'll be the complete opposite. Three years from now we'll be seeing pics of Betti in a cowboy hat, red boots, and jeans holding a rifle. Or a stick that she's pretending is a rifle.

But wait, do kids even know what cowboys are anymore? Maybe she'll be in a Superman suit!

Hoppy said...

She's just one happy little girl! Nice job, Mom and Dad. Love to all.

grammie said...

I remember an adorable little girl who loved her pink and white gingham dress. She wore it every day and every night and loved it so much.

Enjoy your little princess Meghan...these are wonderful times.

L & H

mrsmac said...

Toadmama- Funny you should say that. Ever since Marion has watched Barbie and the Three Musketeers she's been running around with her play sword yelling "On guard!" to the various bad guys we apparently have in our home.

Hoppy- If only we could bottle her energy and happiness...

Grammie- No idea what you are referring to... :-)