Monday, September 21, 2009

Boys Trip: St. Andrews Golf

Since I doubt Brian is going to have time to update everyone on his trip to St Andrews in April 2009, I've decided to post some pictures from the trip.

Brian and my dad went to participate in the Father and Son (son in law in this case) Tournament that St Andrews hosts every year. They didn't win. :-)

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ToadMama said...

How cool! Love the kilt pic. What a handsome pair.

grammie said...

Great post Megs. I'm sure the
guys love seeing all this over and over and over and over ....

Don't our Men look dashing in their Scottish attire :)

L & H

mrsmac said...

Toadmama- They thought they were cool and are already discussing a repeat trip, ha!

Grammie- Absolutely!

Hoppy said...

We absolutely loved that trip. Ask Brian about the 30-year scotch and the late night bunker episode! Thanks to Grammie and Mrs.Mac for arranging this for us. Love to all.