Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback: Starbucks

While going through my draft posts this week, I stumbled upon this gem that I wrote a year ago. Things have changed a lot in just a year. Anyway, I'm sharing my flashback with you. Enjoy.

or, the only place I can find a stinking blueberry muffin in this country.

Blueberry muffins hold a special place in my heart. They are on a short list of foods that help my morning sickness. The others are Kraft mac and cheese, fast food, and fried chicken.

So I'm basically in hell. None of these foods are easy to come by here. For the past week I've been surviving on McDonalds and Burger King. Somehow I have still managed to lose 2 kilos. That is a mystery.

So this morning, after I had puked in the sink, I said enough is enough! I pulled myself together, put Marion in the car, and headed for the Starbucks located a couple of towns away.

We arrived and I got four blueberry muffins. Pregnancy does weird things to women. I no longer cared that the muffins were 3.90CHF a pop. I just needed them.

So I got one, and it was good. And now I can't figure out what to eat for lunch.


Hoppy said...

That's pretty funny!! Looking back, you can probably still feel that strong emotion of "bastards!!!! where's my muffin?" that comes with such an urge. Love to all.

mrsmac said...

Yep, looking back I realized just how much I hate being pregnant. :)

Hoppy said...

Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. :)

Reama said...

Well - boxes of Kraft mac & cheese are easily shipped to Switzerland, right? That was one of the things I craved when I lived in Turkey. Well, that and Dr. pepper.