Monday, July 6, 2009

Just when I start to feel comfortable

After more than a year here, I feel pretty comfortable with things. I know where things are and how to get there, I am getting used to the insanely high prices, I am okay with my awkwardness with the German language, and I am used to my role as the foreigner who occasionally gets looks for being different.

And then something small happened that wasn't expected in the least that threw me for a loop.

I went and acquired a taste for water with gas, or wasser mit kohlensäure. With sirop no less!

Is nothing sacred?


Lisa said...

This is the thing. You'll move back here and find you miss all these random things you can't get in the US. And then people will be all, "Oh, sure, and now you need imported Swiss water." :)

Colleen Smyth said...

ahhh, yes...FINALLY!

I was waiting to see how long it took you!

welcome to the club!

caitlin said...

Wait. Wha???

grammie said...

And how was your adjustment when you were home for 10 days recently ?
Just curious..any changes, likes,


Hoppy said...

Besides having to drive absolutely everywhere, that is. By the way, what is sirop?

Love to all.

Susan May said...

I love it too. Especially the Holunderblumen Sirop. yum!

stacy said...

I love bubbly water. :-)

The one thing that surprises me? That I can buy and drink boxed milk. Now, granted I don't ever "drink" milk - in the rare occasion that I do, I definitely want fresh, refrigerated-section milk (say, eating chocolatey brownies) -- but for cereal, coffee, cooking etc. I use from the shelf, UHT milk. And I always keep 2 or more boxes in the cabinet. The old, US me would have been horrified!!!

PS, went I went back to the US to visit I went and bought several bottles of Pellegrino at the grocery store. I am that dedicated to my bubbly water. :-)