Sunday, July 5, 2009

The constant tourist

Part of the reason we've been so crazy busy lately is that we've been trying to see as much as possible while we are in Switzerland. We lost eight months with that pesky pregnancy and all of its joys. I don't want to leave here and regret not doing and seeing as much as possible.

So, I'd love some suggestions from you all. If you were in Europe, where would you go? I have a running list of places I want to go and trips to the Black Forest, Italy (Tuscany & Cinque Terre), and the North Sea capitals currently planned.

Hit me with some suggestions people!


Susan May said...

Cinque Terre is great - we just went last month. Not the easiest choice with little ones, but no doubt you will make it work. I suggest Portugal in December - we went last year and it was beautiful and quiet!

Anonymous said...








WARSAW name a few :)

mrsmac said...

Susan- Thanks! I'll have to look into Portugal.

Colleen- Unless we hit the lottery and Brian gets some major vacation time, all of those just won't be possible. Any suggestions of one place you've been or heard about that would like to go to?

Greg Cantori said...

I'll second Lisbon! We rented an old beautiful windmill (no longer working) near the coast with 4 foot thick walls, a circular staircase, ocean in one direction, three castles in the other and tons of flowers near Sintra (also the westernmost part of Europe) There a cool fort turned into gardens with peacocks and lots more- only downside is Lisbon is showing its age and streets can be narrow rough and steep too.

Chantal said...

Provence in July. To see the lavender. It's unbelievable.

shan said...

I'm going to Barcelona and Prague in October so those would be my suggestions, but I guess I'm probably biased. :-)