Thursday, July 9, 2009

Add this to the things that will never, ever happen in the US

I ordered another accessory for my babies, Betti and my new stroller. A friend sent me some informtion so that I could purchase this item from a store in Switzerland online. Switzerland has some weird rules about baby items and, as a result, you can only purchase these things in Switzerland (not allowed to order it from the UK or Germany and ship it to a Swiss address).

So I went to the website. All in German. Fortunately, I am learning key words that help in this type of situation and was able to purchase the item. Only I paid for it using Rechnung, which means bill.

I assumed they would send me the bill, I'd pay it, and then I would get my item.

Nope. I received my package today, with the bill attached.

Can you imagine this happening in the US? Stores sending out merchandise with the bill attached, expecting you to pay for the items you've already received?

Hahahaha. Me neither.


Lisa said...

Totally impressive, it really is. Unimaginable here.

stacy said...

It amazes me every time it happens. And it happens every time I order something from a Swiss company!! It does however get reported to the police if you don't pay and then you have a black mark on your permanent record. Which they check if you want to move apartments, get a job, buy a car, etc.

Libby said...

Guess they are that much more trusting in Switzerland than in the U.S. - I'm impressed