Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As promised

Watch out, videos ahead!

Marion at her lesson this morning. She refuses to use the tee, likes to put the balls in the tee holes, and throws her club occasionally. I like her spunk!

Betti chatting a little bit AND eating her hands. What a multitasker ;-)


Hoppy said...

Looks like everyone's having a great time!!! And Marion's hitting the ball very well. Love seeing the girls! Love to all.

ToadMama said...

Oh my. I grinned the whole time I watched the videos. And, yes, I watched all three. I don't know much about golf (I can't even do putt-putt), but it sure does look like she has a natural swing!

I just loved how focused she was putting the balls on the spots. And she listens to you, too.

Thanks for sharing!

grammie said...

So cute. She is a natural !!!

No need to set up a college
fund for her :)

Great seeing Betti. 4 months
already...wow !

I miss you all.

Love and Hugs,

caitlin said...

So, are you going to make Marion sit down and watch those videos so she can perfect her form? ;) ;) ;)

Also - she hits the ball way straighter than I do. Sad (for me).

Jessica said...

So much cuteness... thanks for sharing the videos!