Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't confuse me with Tiger.

Marion has been taking golf lessons recently. She has shown an interest in the sport and so, when children's lessons were offered on the local Yahoo groups board, I jumped at the chance to take her.

She has taken two lessons and is the youngest by far in her group. Despite that, she is having a blast! She loves playing and thinks the orange golf balls are "the prettiest". And, according to her instructor, she is doing great for her age and is putting the toe of her club up in the air naturally during her swing.

Sadly I keep forgetting my camera during her actual lesson. However, today we were able to purchase an iron from her teacher so she was able to practice in our backyard.

Check out our little golfer!

I will definitely try to remember to get video of her at her lesson, with real golf balls, this week!


Anonymous said...



i love it. such a pro already!

Hoppy said...

It's good to see in the second video that she's already learned to throw the club. ;)

Really funny watching... I LOVE IT!

Love to all.

T. White said...

Good to know someone over there is playing golf!