Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now, about that offer...

So sorry for the delay. The transition and jet lag has been worse than I expected. We are exhausted.

Anyway, about that little thing I mentioned in the last post. The offer we placed on a house...

Well, while home, Brian and I decided to contact our realtor to go look at houses "just in case". Basically, right now, we aren't sure what is in store for us after July 10, 2010 (when we will return from a cruise we booked last month). There are a lot of options on the table right now. Thankfully, all of the options are good ones so we aren't terribly worried about it. However, the unknown is kind of unsettling.

So we met up with our realtor to look at two houses in areas we would like to be in when we move back. We weren't expecting much, just wanted to see what was on the market so that, if we do return to the States next summer, we have a better understanding of what our money might get for us. We also wanted our realtor to get a sense of what we are looking for when the time comes.

Like I said, we weren't expecting much. So imagine our surprise when we actually really liked the first house we looked at. It is kind of a fixer upper but has a ton of potential, just what we like.

After a second trip, we decided to put an offer on the place. And, well, the owner didn't take it. Let's just say, uh, that there is a massive chasm between what we believe the property to be worth.

But the outing wasn't a waste. The owner met us and liked us. She thought Marion was adorable. We liked her and the property and were able to get our name and offer in there. And that's great. Because in six months, if the property is there, who knows?

We have plenty of time.

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caitlin said...

Where is it? Email me if you don't want to give it away ;)