Sunday, June 14, 2009

12 weeks.

Darn, I'm really late with this one. And no pictures. But, years from now when Betti is complaining about the missing blog entry about her, I'll just have to explain that we were flying across the Atlantic and Europe. On two delayed flights. With an exhausted toddler. Yea, that's it. I'll blame her older sister.

Anyway, Betti was fantastic on the flight over. She slept practically the entire way. Everyone who walked past her fell in love and remarked that they wished they could sleep as well as my little Betti was sleeping.

She was an absolute angel.

Which, of course, terrified me when I realized that she had slept the majority of our 17 hour travel time and it was time for bed Thursday night.

But my little angel only woke up once during the night. And then did the same thing again Friday night.

It's a conspiracy I tell you. This fabulous infant is trying to erase all memory of my awful pregnancy so I will have more kids. It's gonna take more than an easy plane trip kid, but it's a good first step.


grammie said...

You are too funny !

So happy to hear how
well the flights home
went. I know the first
leg was delayed, didn't
know the second one was

Glad all is well. Try
and catch up on some sleep.

Love & Hugs,

Colleen said...

Keep it up Betti!

Aunti Colleen wants some more lil ones to spoil!

So does Grammie.