Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 weeks.

My goodness, time is flying. My little one is 3 months old. When did that happen?

She continues to delight us with her smiles. Baby smiles are the best. Here's a short video that includes a baby smile, a baby being scared by their volume control-challenged older sister, and a baby moving her eyebrows. Cool stuff.

And another one with more baby smiles and coos.


ToadMama said...

Bay videos are THE BEST! I look forward to more smiles, coos and moving eyebrows in the near future. And Marion, too, volume control issue and all. (-:

ToadMama said...

Um, I meant BABY videos, not bay videos. Sorry.

De Campo said...

I think you could use some bay videos on this blog. It would be a great way to say "Happy 378 months De Campo!".

Just a thought.

Laura Carino said...

Awww... Too cute. I can't believe she Betti is 13 weeks already! She is adorable!

gammie said...

How wonderful. I miss that little
angel. Can't wait to hold her in a couple of days.
Love in the 2nd video she seems to be saying "hi" back to you.

Miss you all so much
Love and Hugs,