Monday, September 1, 2008


Our next door neighbor's son, Ramen, recently got two rabbits. Marion is in love. She already adored Ramen. Everytime she sees him she yells "Hi Ramen!" and then looks at me to tell me she is going to go play with him. Now he has two rabbits? He has now reached idol status.

Here are some pictures of the two of them playing with the rabbits. I have a feeling we will be visiting these rabbits often.


Anonymous said...

Oh how adorable! I love the first picture-it looks like she's having this deep conversation with Ramen about the bunnies.

Looks like daily visits to the bunny pen!!

Do they keep them outside all day every day?

grammie said...

OMG...This is tooo cute.
Thank goodness the bunnies are so close.

Marion looks so grown up.

Does she know how to say bunny rabbit in German ?

Lisa said...

She is seriously a cutie! I just love her!