Friday, September 19, 2008

I went outside and walked today

A huge effort on my part, I've been driving everywhere lately.

But a friend called and invited Marion and I to go to Starbucks. And, because I have family visiting next week, I thought I needed to do some walking and see how my stomach took it.

I gave myself plenty of time and still almost missed the train. Apparently I walk a lot slower these days. So, to make the train, I stupidly ran. What was I thinking??? I got to the train, barely, sat down and called my friend. She was still waiting for me on the platform. I figured she would have gotten on the train. Oops. Oh well, it gave me time to rest and concentrate on not getting sick at our destination.

When we met up with our friends a little later, we realized the elevator at the train platform was broken. Damn. So we had to lug the strollers up a large flight of stairs. I quickly became winded and nauseous again. So far, not good.

However, we made it to Starbucks without incident. There we found a table on the deck and rested. I ate some yummy lemon pound cake and started to feel better.

We hung out at Starbucks for a bit and then headed over to Migros to pick up some things for lunch. I decided on a Caesar salad. Why? I'm not sure. I've been craving fruit and salads but they usually don't sit well. I'm playing with fire over here.

We ended up getting home a litte late so my lunch and Marion's nap ran a bit late. So far, I'm feeling okay. Tired from my excursion this morning but not nauseous... yet. My bewitching hour (this week) starts around 5 and lasts until I go to bed. It has been pretty awful this week. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that my exercise and salad don't come back to bite me later. I'll let you know.

**Update: Bewitching hour struck again. Damn.


hoppy said...

Hang in there!!!! Never know, maybe some walking and fresh air will help over time. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

hey, maybe we can throw you in the stroller and push you around?

or...what if you walked around with a barf-bag?

it will all work out!!!

love you

orygun redneck said...

I remember Migros from living in Turkey! I was so glad when I found it. It helped me get ingredients to make home cookin' when I was homesick. You know, I spent the first four months of my pregnancy over in Turkey. I remember being exhausted. Hang in there.

mrsmac said...

thanks guys!!! i may need a barf bag for long trips! :-)