Saturday, September 6, 2008

One day at a time

That's how I've been taking this week and it has been going pretty well! I've kept all my meals and meds down. I have gotten sick a handful of times but it hasn't affected the big meals or meds. And I feel a ton better. Just kind of sick of eating at this point. I feel like I constantly have something in my mouth!

We've been able to get out of the house a little bit this week too. Tuesday night we went to a birthday party for one of Brian's coworkers children, Wednesday evening we went to the Badi, and Friday we went to Park Im Gruene with a friend.

We've tried to make sure Marion has friend time as well so she spent Monday morning at a friend's house and then had Spielgruppe two mornings this week.

As Brian puts it, my focus this week has been to get through the day, rest, eat, and not puke. And create human life.

And as far as I know, all is going well in those areas. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday morning to check on my infection so I'm hoping that has gone away too.

Brian's been doing everything else. Grocery shopping, putting Marion to bed, and making meals when he is home (the kitchen still kind of makes me gag). Seriously, this guy deserves the award for father of the year. He's got two kids at home to tke care of!

Thanks for all the well wishes, I really appreciate it!


orygun redneck said...

Hi Megan,
This is Bryan's cousin Reama. I'm sorry to hear about your horrible morning sickness with this pregnancy! I suggested to David last night that you find an accupressure bracelet. When my friend Jen was pregnant she was sick a lot, too, and she found the bracelet helped take some of the edge off. Mint tea is also good for nausea.

Give sweet little Marion a hug from me. I can't wait to meet her and would love to help her retain her German language skills when y'all move back to the States. I studied the language for four years in college. :)

mrsmac said...

Hi Reama! Thanks for the comment and suggestions! Hope everything is going well for you!