Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wine country, Part Deux.

On Saturday we drove to Beaune for their market. It was a fabulous market, even in the pouring rain.

Look at those artichokes!

Marion reminded us that we needed to get a carrot for the Easter Bunny. We taught her to ask, "Une carotte, s'il vous plait." S'il vous plait was a bit of a mouthful for her.

Sadly, it was just too rainy. So after picking up some things we went back to our apartment for lunch and a nap. And wow, was lunch good. Some fresh bread, comte cheese, rotisserie ham, and the best jam I've ever had- Williams pears with vanilla bourbon. Wow.

After we stuffed our stomachs and took a rest, we ventured out for another stab at Beaune in the rain in the afternoon.

And guess what we found?

A carousel, of course.

We also found a fantastic fromagerie and a bakery with yummy macarons.

You don't come to France to diet, you come to indulge.

Easter Sunday brought better weather so we spent the day driving through the countryside.

Our drive was followed with a nice Easter lunch (5 courses was pushing it with the girls, but we did it), a nap stop at the apartment, and then a walk around Pommard.

It was a very nice trip. Of course, we probably would have been able to sample more wine had we been there without the girls. But then we probably would have spent more on wine too. So, good thing we took the kids I think.

Brian, however, is already planning our return trip, ohne kinder, in the distant future.


Hoppy said...

But of course you're going back!!!! And bringing home some great wine, I'm sure. The pictures are great. Looks like a very nice area. Love to all.

grammie said...

What great pictures....and who is
that grown up girl on the scooter??

L & H