Friday, April 23, 2010

Quintessentially Swiss: Freitag Shop

Back in October, our friend Zach visited us. Since he's an architect and likes funky buildings, I decided to take him to something that is quintessentially Swiss: the Freitag shop.

Freitag was founded by two brothers in the early nineties. They make bags and other products out of recycled truck tarps, bike tires, and airbag material. Their shop in Zurich is a tower made out of containers with a lookout on the top.

These bags are durable and very Swiss. Chances are you'll see a bunch if you look out for them while in Zurich.

So we stopped by, checked out the bags, and climbed the tower.

The payoff is the view at the top.

Not too shabby.

Freitag also has some open containers and chairs next to the shop for lounging so you can rest after dropping some major dough on the bags.

So go, enjoy, and happy shopping!

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Kay B.Elle said...

you are so great! This is such an impressive shop! I really love their stuff, but the prices are really out-of-this-world!