Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, Google style

I love how Google makes pictures out of their names for holidays. This is what I see today on

I'm curious.... do you see the same image on Google wherever you are?

Happy Earth Day!

PS- Been a big week in our house, very very busy. And I noticed that I have a huge backload of drafts in my post queue so stay tuned, spring cleaning ahead!


grammie said...

I'm with you. Very creative people in the art dept at Google.

Big Hugs,

grammie said...

Oh..just checked....
same image here !!!

Kay B.Elle said...

I really liked it too! It though it was Earth Day meets Tim Burton!

Auntie Colleen said...

CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on the Google Doodlers...pretty interesting to watch!
Check it out -