Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And then you wonder, when did I learn that?

Marion had an unfortunate incident in the bathroom the other day.

She told me about it after: "Mommy, the crumby water splashed in my face and made me sick!" *cough*

Translation: As Marion was going number two, she happened to look down and was splashed in the face as her poop fell into the water.

Now, before she goes to the bathroom, she announces to us that she will never, ever look down again so that the poop water doesn't splash her in the face.

Life lessons people, we all learn them at some point. And sometimes, you learn them after getting poop water splashed in your face.

Poop water or no, it's fun to watch Marion learn her life lessons.


Tipler Boys said...

First time to comment but I enjoy your blog. I too have little ones (3 and 4) and laugh every day about how they learn life lessons :) Makes me wonder how many stories my parents aren't telling my about how I learned the very same lessons.

ToadMama said...

Oh jeez... poor Marion. So what exactly does she say? "Mommy, I gonna poop now, but I am not going to look. And I am not going to open my mouth. And if I do look, I am definitely not going to open my mouth. 'Cause that crumby water make me sick!"

Hoppy said...

Can't stop laughing about this one!!! Love to all.

Lemon Gloria said...

Poor Marion! The poopy water!