Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ten weeks.

Betti is now starting to try to grab at things. And, much to the delight of her mother, is starting to settle in to a sleep schedule that includes only one feeding in the span of 10-12 hours.

She still smiles, occasionally. But boy does she make you work for those smiles!

She's been great on this whole trip. And now I can understand what people are saying to me when they look at her and then smile and talk to me. It's nice being able to communicate with people. Blogger is even in English again. So very odd to see that after a year.

Marion got her hair cut and thoroughly enjoyed having them shampoo her hair. Brian stood there, worried about a future of spa visits. I welcome a spa partner.

She looks so much older with her shorter hair. It scares me.

We've been enjoying our time here keeping Marion busy, eating and drinking our way through Baltimore, and seeing family and friends. And we have another week and a half of vacation left! If we haven't seen you yet, I'm sure we will soon!

While we've been enjoying our time here, I have noticed that I am referring to Switzerland as home now. As in, "It isn't as humid back at home." Weird how that happens. Wonder if it will switch again once we return to Switzerland...


Miranda said...

awww I love the squishy lips in each photo <3

Hoppy said...

Betti and Marion look great! The picture of Marion especially is nice because she hasn't sat still long enough for me to get that kind of view!! Great having you here. Love to all.

Lisa said...

She just gets cuter every day! I have ten weeks to go, and I sbsolultely cannot wait to see my boy!