Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girls Trip Part 2: Vevey/Montreaux, Switzerland

With a 70% chance of rain in the forecast, we decided to drive the coastline of Lake Geneva instead of staying in Lausanne.

The weather forecast for Lausanne was as dependable as the weather in Zurich. It was beautiful and sunny for our drive.

The vineyards outside Vevey.

We stopped in Vevey for a walk around the town. It was a nice town and, we learned, home to Charlie Chaplin for a bit.

I'd love to know the history behind this sculpture. A fork? In the lake? Eh, why not?

Funky swiss trees. Brian and I are trying to figure out if we can bring one back to the states. They are pretty cool looking! I'm guessing customs wouldn't be cool with that though.

We decided to attempt to get a portrait of Marion in front of some spring flowers. But there was a horse behind me. The sessions didn't last long.

And she got her horsie ride.

Next stop was the Chateau de Chillon outside of Montreaux. This was by far the coolest castle I've ever been to. It has a long history and the tour takes you through practically every room in the castle. We saw everything- bedrooms, bathing rooms, latrines, the chapel, the basement areas, accounting areas, the sentry, the clock tower, the keep... well, you get the picture. It was obvious why this is a popular destination.

The audio tour on an iPod was a nice touch too.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and highly recommend this castle to everyone! And, of course, we couldn't leave without picking up a bottle of the castle wine. For lunch we went to the restaurant across the street from the castle. I had the most amazing risotto with shrimp and asparagus. It was fantastic!

After lunch, we packed everyone up and headed to Bern. To be continued...

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Hoppy said...

I can see why you talked so much about Chillon when you got back to Zurich. Neat building! Love to all.