Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A beautiful Sunday in Zurich

Hoppy left on Sunday morning so, after Brian took him to the airport, we went out to Sunday brunch at one of my favorite spots in Zurich, Movie. They have omelettes to order and waffles there among other yummy things. It's the little things when you haven't been home in almost a year.

I was a wee bit late in making a reservation so we sat outside. At first we were concerned about this because it looked like it was going to rain at any second. And then, typical for the weather here, it changed on a dime. The sun came out, the clouds disappeared, and the temperature jumped a couple of degrees. I haven't checked a weather forecast since we moved here last June and this is why. The forecasts are never right and the weather can change here before you know it anyway!

After we enjoyed our delicious brunches and proseccos, we decided to wander down the Bahnhofstrasse and window shop at the stores we will never set foot in: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani... you get the picture.

We walked until the end of the Bahnhofstrasse at Lake Zurich. Brian had Marion on his shoulders in front of Grammie and I. All of a sudden we heard a shriek. "Daddy! I see something! Go back, I found something!!!!!"

Brian had turned the corner of the street and walked towards the Burkliplatz. And that's when he walked straight towards a Chilbi.

Marion flipped. We couldn't believe her good luck.

So we spent some time enjoying the games. First Marion went fishing.
She won some sunglasses.
Then she rode an airplane. We forced her to because it went up and down.
But she really wanted to ride the truck. That's my girl.
Next up was the slide. This thing terrified her last fall. She couldn't get enough this time around.
Then we went on the ferris wheel.
The views were spectacular. We saw people finishing up the Zurich marathon,
mountains out in the distance,
and a unique view of the Zurich sights.
Because Marion was so good, we got her a treat of her choice. She chose a yellow guitar. Such a rock star.
It was a fabulous Sunday. And now it is raining. But hey, I'll take the good weather whenever I can get it.

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Hoppy said...

I can't decide what looks more fun... the slide or the truck! But you may regret the guitar. Looks like a great time!!! Sorry I missed it. Love to all.