Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two weeks.

Betti is two weeks old today. Time is already flying by.

I forgot how much work a newborn is. And how much fun they are. They smell adorable, look adorable, and are fun to hold. You can't remember your oldest being as small as this little newborn baby. And my oldest is now a giant (when did she get to be 38 pounds!?!?!). Because I know that this time will be gone in an instant, I don't really complain about the night feedings. Sure, they're still a pain. But they'll be gone soon and that just means that she is growing up too fast!

Betti is doing really well. She is putting on weight, keeping up with the eating every four hours routine they put her on at the neonatal unit, and losing that yellow tinge. Our biggest worry is her catching a cold now but we are trying our best to avoid that. Hard with a toddler in the house!

Personality wise Betti is already different than Marion. Both of my children were preemies, Marion being born two weeks before Betti. Despite that little disadvantage, Marion was and is the more vocal of my two children so far. Marion let us know every single one of her needs with a loud immediate cry. Betti tends to be laid back, observe, and doesn't cry very often. She grunts. She also sleeps through most things.

Betti is also extremely strong already. She lifts her heads and pushes off of her feet. She sucks on her hands. I don't remember Marion being this aware of her surroundings so early on. Maybe that is where those extra two weeks play in Betti's favor. :-)

I am doing well. I've had low iron since my surgery and it has been making my dizzy and extremely tired but we are working through it. Hopefully it will get better soon. And in two weeks I am happy to say that I have lost all of my baby weight, and then some! Now the problem is to keep it that way!

Marion is loving her new baby sister. The second she comes into a room she asks where her baby sister is. We have to remind her to wash her hands and all that happy stuff before she touches her. And to be gentle with her. I found her rocking Betti in her bouncy chair a little too hard the other day. Poor Betti almost got whiplash. I don't think "gentle" is a word that toddlers easily get.

Grammie is here and has been a huge help. Marion is loving the extra attention and I think this has really helped her be okay with the transition so far. Hopefully it continues after Grammie leaves!

So life with two is good so far. But then again, Betti is still sleeping a lot. We expect the craziness to really begin when she starts the awake newborn phase. My guess is that will happen right around the time when the travel itch starts for us again. What an adventure that will be- dragging a vocal toddler and a newborn all over Europe!


ToadMama said...

She's beautiful. I am happy to hear all are doing well. I can't wait to see you and the babies in person!

Hoppy said...

Betti looks very healthy and alert. And beautiful!!! Good to hear that the transition from pregnancy to mother of two has been relatively smooth. Love to all.

caitlin said...

OK, clearly this is not the most important part of your post, the hell did you lose the baby weight (and more) in 2 weeks!?!

mrsmac said...

toadmama- thanks! we can't wait to see you guys too!

hoppy- thank you!

cait- luck? maybe it's god's gift for surviving puking for 8 months straight? or breastfeeding? i don't know but i'll take it! :-)

Shannon said...

She is SO cute! Such a perfect little head! :-) Congrats to you both.

Anonymous said...

WOW! She is so cute! I can't believe that you have lost all of your baby weight in 2 weeks! I hope I am that lucky! See you in May! -Michelle