Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A sunny day for Carnival

Today we saw the sun. It's made several appearances this last week and seeing sunshine has been wonderful. It hasn't been around much (if at all) since November and, dare I say, we might have it back for a little bit now?

I'm glad no one let me in on the lack of sun in Zuerich for months on end before we moved. I may not have come! But seeing it again, and hearing birds sing, has been wonderful. I have to remind myself it is only February!

This morning I took Marion to spielgruppe and had to snap some pictures. I haven't seen this view in months, and it is pretty cloudy! On a clear day you can see magnificent mountains in the distance. What a difference some sun makes. It even makes clouds look pretty to me.

Anyway, Marion's spielgruppe is celebrating Carnival this week so Marion arrived in her favorite princess dress. It made the morning routine a little easier. I guess a princess dress makes everything better.

I dropped her off and was told about their big party. Another mom suggested I bring my camera with me when I picked Marion up because "There will be konfetti. How do you say in English?" Luckily, a word that is the same!

So I brought my camera with me and what I caught was mass hysteria.

Marion LOVED the confetti.
She loved throwing it.
She loved laying in it.
She loved sitting in it.
She loved making confetti angels in it.
She probably would have bathed in it if that was possible. And she gets to do it a second time this week! Life is good.


caitlin said...

Hahaha! I love the picture of her throwing it. The girl in the blue dress is looking at Marion like, "WTF?!"

Lisa said...

I can totally relate. I LOVE confetti! And she looks adorable!

Sarah said...

So cute! Love the confetti angel making...hysterical.

mrsmac said...

Cait- Yea, I think she's the crazy loon in her class!

Lisa- As long as the confetti isn't in my house she can enjoy it all she wants!

Sarah- Brian loved the angel picture too, she's a nut!