Monday, February 2, 2009

My water baby

Marion and I didn't have any plans last Friday so I decided to treat her to a trip to the Adliswil pool. Plus, swimming wears her out which means I can usually get a good nap in. Double bonus!

We arrived and went straight to the baby pool. The baby area is great- deep enough in one spot so Marion can float with her swimmies and also has a slide and some other things for the kids to play with.

But Marion soon became tired of the baby pool and wanted to go in the big pool. So we headed over to one of the bigger pools inside the complex, one that just happens to have an adjustable floor that allows the depth to be changed in intervals between 40 and 180 cm.

When we first got in the big pool, the water was 90 cm deep. Just enough that Marion was able to bounce along the bottom with her swimmies on. She's now 96 cm tall. She's growing like a weed.

We were then asked to get out so they could change the depth of the pool. The woman who was in charge was running a swim class for kids around Marion's age so she decreased the depth to 60 cm.

So I decided to take Marion's swimmies off to see what she would do at this depth. She was right beside me on the shallow steps into the water while I took the swimmies off and turned to toss them next to the pool.

The next thing I heard was "Achtung!" while I turned back around.

Marion had lept into the water and was belly down under the water. By the time the instructor and I got to her she had found her feet and brought herself up out of the water.

And she was laughing.

I looked at her like she was a crazy person. She just looked up at me and said, between laughs and giggles, "I go in the water Mommy! I got my face wet!"

The instructor spoke a little bit of English. I got her information and plan to sign my little water baby up for swim lessons. I figure if she doesn't have a problem throwing herself into the water, I should probably get her back into classes and swimming as soon as possible.

You know, before she tries to take her life again.


ToadMama said...

Your close was perfect and cracked me up! I'm so glad you're having fun with parenting. That sounds like a very cool pool. Adjustable depths? Awesome.

Hoppy said...

Wow, that was close!!! She moves pretty quickly, doesn't she? Just wait until you have TWO!! Swimming lessons is a great idea!!! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

She's such a fish!!! That's awesome. Lessons are a great idea!

And an adjustable depth pool....VERY COOL!!!


Swiss Miss said...

Glad she's ok! Good luck with the swimming lessons. Sounds like she's ready!

mrsmac said...

kathy- thanks! it is a fun pool. i'll have to keep a hand on her when there though from now on!

dad- brian will be in charge of her when the new one comes. no way i can move fast enough with a baby in my lap!

colleen- she is a fish. or at least thinks she is!

swiss miss- thanks! i'm waiting for the woman to email me back. i may have to go back on friday to track her down and sign marion up in person!