Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Researchers are reading my mind

According to this article on, researchers have recommended making English a semi-official language here in Switzerland.

This would mean that some documents and laws would be translated into English, as well as provide better translation services in hospitals. It was found that doing this would boost recruitment of English speaking workers in Switzerland and would help the transition of these workers into Swiss culture.

If I could do jumping jacks, I would. Hey guys- think we can put this into motion before I give birth?


ToadMama said...

Wow, they sure are progressive over there. In America it's still commonly believed that if you want to live here you should learn the language. Of course, Americans can be pretty narrow-minded sometimes.

De Campo said...

I’m not sure if they’re progessive. I think the Swiss just came to the realizations that English speakers are too lazy to learn even one of their four official languages.

(That would be German, Italian, Romansch, and French for those Americans also too lazy to google)

mrsmac said...

Kathy- I agree. But then all the forms in the US are in Spanish and English. I found it interesting that that was the case since it is not the case here- nothings in English and it can be really frustrating when trying to settle in!

Brendan- Not lazy, busy! I've found German to be an extremely hard language to pick up (the only useful language for me to learn out of the four since I live in the German section of CH). To have a handful of forms in English would be a huge help to people just moving over. Then we can learn German after the transition :-)